ProCash 5100 (EN)


The ProCash 5100 is an under-counter model that can be operated directly at consulting terminals or at the bank counter. Because the unit is so well integrated into the furnishings, it is almost invisible to customers.


  • Lighted arrows and a numeric display to associate transactions with different tellers
  • 2 tellers supported
  • Integrated functions to connect to a robbery alarm system (such as KM48)
  • Intelligent control computer


  • Manual deposit
  • Various lock/safe versions

Techninė informacija


  • up to 6 cash-out cassettes
  • Cassette capacity of up to 2500 notes
  • Bundle output up to 60 notes
  • Output for 2 or more tellers
  • Optional: Two separate deposit slots
  • Safe variants: UL 291 Business Hours, UL 291 Level 1

Supporting Software

  • PC/E ATS Manager / ProAKT V3.2
  • PC/E Teller Operations V2.0

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