VIVOpay Kiosk II (EN)


Flexible Integration of Contactless Payments for Customer-Facing Self-Service Systems 2-Piece Modular ViVOpay Kiosk II Provides Easy Integration with Host Systems without Re-Certification

The ViVOpay Kiosk II is a flexible stand-alone contactless reader comprised of a compact controller module and an RFID antenna module packaged individually giving equipment manufacturers flexibility to integrate contactless payment functionality with their host systems. The design approach allows the controller module to be easily installed within the cabinetry of a 3rd-party host system and the antenna to be installed with minimal footprint and effort in a customer-facing location.

The ViVOpay Kiosk II is certified with most contactless payment programs such as MSD-based MasterCard® PayPass™ , ExpressPay from American ExpressSM, Visa® PayWave and Discover® Zip™ and capable of EMV-Based OneSmart® MasterCard® PayPass™ and Visa® payWave qVSDC. In most cases a host system with ViVOpay Kiosk II would be enabled with contactless payment functionality without the need to go through lengthy re-certification.

The ViVOpay Kiosk II also supports contactless ticketing functionality such as used in most transit systems worldwide as well as NFC mobile phone payments and promotions. It’s powerful ARM processor and remote download capability allows for future scalability and updates. Operators can rest assured that the investment of today will support the developments in contactless payments of the future.


  • Contactless: Compatible with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and B, NFC and MiFare®.
  • Applications: Retail drive-thru, ticketing machines, transit turnstiles/fare collection systems, reload machines for transit systems, airport self check-in, parking ticket validation/payment boxes, parking meters and many other inside and outdoor applications.
  • Flexibilty: Controller module and RFID antenna module packaged individually give equipment manufacturers flexibility to integrate contactless payment functionality with their host systems.
  • Remote Download: Post-deployment firmware updates via remote download without requiring additional hardware or device resetting.
  • Easy Integration: RS232 connectivity combined with ViVOtech serial interface.
  • Speed: Enables quick transactions improving vending machine-based sales.
  • Consumer Intuitive: Equipped with LEDs and sound feedback to guide consumers through the payment process.
  • Secure: Provides highly secure transaction whether financial, ticketing, pre-paid, loyalty, or gift.
  • Intellectual Property: Protected by several patent-pending applications.

Techninė informacija


  • Processor: ARM processor
  • Audio-Visual: Beeper and LEDs
  • Input Power: 7.5-36VDC

Contactless Transactions

  • Interface: 13.56MHz ISO 14443 Type A/Type B, MiFare and USB
  • Payment Applications*: American Express ExpressPay, Discover Zip, Mastercard PayPass Mstripe (M/Chip capable), Visa payWave MSD and (qVSDC capable) JCB/Jspeedy
  • Other Contactless Applications:  ViVOcard Pass-Through mode


  • Interface: Serial RS-232, USB
  • Firmware upgrades: Remote firmware download

Physical Dimensions

Square Bezel Antenna

  • Height: 75 mm (2.95 inches)
  • Width: 60 mm (2.36 inches)
  • Depth: 16.8 mm (0.66 inches)
  • Weight: 0.30Ib

Angle Bezel Antenna

  • Height: 96.2 mm (3.787 inches)
  • Width: 82.3 mm (3.24 inches)
  • Depth: 16.8 mm (0.66 inches)
  • Weight: 0.35Ib


  • Height: 105 mm (4.13 inches)
  • Width: 76.2 mm (3.00 inches)
  • Depth: 22.5 mm (0.88 inches)
  • Weight: 0.15Ib


  • Operating Temp.: -13F to +158F (-25C to +70C)
  • Storage Temp.: -40F to +185F (-40C to +85C)
  • Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% non condensing
  • Other: Weather-proofed UV-rated plastic enclosure
* Application specifications depend on hardware & software configuration

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