„Pay Tower 150 R (EN)“


Today, customers expect a smooth, seamless experience on every step of the retail journey. With Diebold Nixdorf Pay Tower 150 R payment terminals, retailers can enable lightning-speed payment processing to boost customer satisfaction.
However customers choose to checkout their purchases – be it via mobile self-scanning, automated scanning or cashier-assisted scanning services – they can complete their journey at the terminal with a comprehensive range of payment options for card, NFC and cash.Tailored for cash-intensive retail environments, built-in cash recycling functionality reduces the need for the cost and risk of transporting cash around the retail store – reducing total cost of ownership.


  • Empowers customers to complete their own retail journeys – freeing in-store personnel to serve customers faster at traditional checkouts
  • Captures every sales opportunity with a comprehensive range of card and cash payment options
  • Reduces total cost of ownership, as built-in cash recycling reduces the need for the cost and risk of transporting cash

Techninė informacija

System components:

  • BEETLE system
  • Touch screen
  • Barcode scanner
  • Printer
  • Banknote and coin recycling components
  • Diverse non-cash payment options
  • Numerous security features


  • Supports diverse operating systems
  • Standard interface to POS applications
  • Ergonomic graphical user interface

Services (optional):

  • Global Deployment Services
  • Availability Services
  • Operational Services
  • Optimization of cash management and cash logistics
  • Automated processing of cash and cashless transactions

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