Xiprint+ (EN)


As Diebold Nixdorf’s own development, Xiprint+ profits from the company’s many years of experience with successful predecessor models.

It is faster, easier to use and offers far more options, yet has become even more compact.

Xiprint+ puts every graphic onto paper - you can even add a splash of color: Two color printing optional available in combination with special paper. 


Consequently oriented towards the demands of the lottery market, Xiprint+ offers a significant number of functions, high speed and best possible security:

  • With the fast USB-2 interface and an extremely powerful printing unit, Xiprint+ is the fastest thermal printer in the lottery market.
  • Several sensors inside Xiprint+ ensure smooth operation of all its functions.
  • Graphics capability: Logos and even photos can be reproduced in remarkable quality.
  • Two color printing (optional).
  • Position mark sensor (optional): It detects marks on the paper and thus ensures exact printing placement and precise cutting in case of special applications. As a result, just about any template with a defined length, such as theatre or concert tickets, can be printed without effort.

Techninė informacija

  • GDI (Graphics Device Interface): The printout is generated in the terminal and transferred to the printer as a complete bitmap. Fonts or logos no longer have to be stored in the printer
  • Guillotine cutter for clean and fast cutting
  • Paper roll change: No spindle, no feeding-in necessary
  • Paper width: 80 mm or 82.5 mm
  • Paper-end warning: Adjustable
  • Security: Protected transmission protocol via USB
  • Two color printing: Optional
  • Mark sensor (optional): Mark distance 60 - 210 mm
  • Statistical data: For all relevant parameters
  • Paper save mode: After each cut, the paper is moved backwards with a standard offset
  • Stacker: Approx. 50 tickets (depending on paper thickness)

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