All in one DoCash DVM Big is an easy and convenient way to verify currency authenticity.

This modern non-automatic counterfeit detector combines the benefits of ultraviolet and infrared detectors.

  • full-width ultraviolet light detector
  • fluorescent light for watermark, fibers and security threads checking
  • verification of special marks placed on the front and reverse sides of banknotes
  • micro-print security marks verification
  • infrared security features verification, including special “M” element
  • geometric control


  • user-friendly interface
  • large 5´´ LCD display provides 1:1 bill check out without any distortions
  • powerful white top and bottom light
  • stand-by timer with time indication
  • ergonomic and modern design 
  • possibility for connection additional accessories
  • metric ruler helps to control geometric authenticity
  • available to verify A4 size documents

Techninė informacija

  • V light, W: 2х4
  • Wave-length of UV light, Nm: 360-380
  • Wave-length of IR spectrum, Nm: 850/940
  • Total bottom white light luminous intensity, Cd: ≤ 60
  • Total upper white light luminous intensity, Cd: ≤ 110
  • Display, Inch: 5
  • Power supply, V/Hz: 220/50
  • Power consumption, W: ≤12
  • Net weight, kg: 1,3
  • Overall dimensions, mm: 240х160х25


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