„CS 4580“ (CINEO C4580) (EN)


The „CS 4580“ (CINEO C4580) (EN) is part of the unique technology concept and a component of Diebold Nixdorf revolutionary Cash Cycle Management trade; Solutions portfolio. The cash recycling system is based on a completely new technology approach, with a innovative banknote storage concept as its core element. This makes it possible for banks and retailers to interchange one and the same cassette between all systems in the CS (CINEO) cash series.

Techninė informacija


Installation types

  • Outdoor as rearload
  • Fully integrated, window frame


  • Multicolor options
  • Illuminated advertising lightbox
  • Customers guided by optical indica- tors at all input and output modules

Banknote processing

Recycling module

  • Deposit/withdrawal of up to 200 notes in bundles
  • Foreign object detection in the input/ output tray
  • Recycles up to 4 denominations
  • Operating modes: Cash deposit, cash dispensing, cash deposit/dispensing, cash recycling
  • Transport speed: Max. 10 banknotes per second
  • Maximum/minimum note size: 185 x 85 mm/105 x 58 mm

Cash cassettes

  • Up to five cassettes
  • Max. fill level per cassette: 300 mm
  • Separate reject/retract cassette up to three storage compartments
  • Separate cassette for counterfeit notes
  • Fill-level indicator
  • Scalable cassette concept: Lock, lead seal, tamper indicator, shutter and cover monitoring, cash management memory

Banknote recognition

  • Banknote validation as per ECB Framework
  • Fit/unfit test
  • Processes up to 120 denominations simultaneously

Customer interaction


  • 15″ TFT LCD display as standard, semi high bright, high bright
  • Autoscaling function for automatic VGA, SVGA, XGA adjustment
  • 8 softkeys and/or touch display Keyboard
  • EPP V6 (ZKA & PCI 1.x/2.x certified)
  • Alphanumeric/EPP combi keyboard

Card processing

  • Hybrid motorized – EMV 4.x Level 1 certified
    - Illuminated throat
    - Card retracted if not removed
    - Card returned if power fails
    - Preparatory kit for CIM 06
    - HiCo-write function
    - Integrated contactless reader
  • Hybrid DIP – EMV 4.x Level 1 certified
  • Contactless card reader (external in- tegration/EMV 2000 certified)

Document/journal printer

  • Thermal printer (dual color for document printing)

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