VTM.iQ Hardware & Software platform


VTM.iQ, designed for banking and payment transactions, includes a unique technology concept of multipurpose terminalCS C6060 automatic teller safe with cash recycling function from Diebold Nixdorf, as well as software solutions and system integration from BS/2. The solution is successfully used in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

VTM.iQ can be easily integrated with the main banking systems (Core-banking, Call-Center, Processing, CRM / Direct Marketing) and provides you with an additional channel to serve your customers.


VTM.iQ is focused on advanced computer users, allowing them to perform most of the banking operations either on their own, or with the assistance of the Call-Center operator not wasting a minute in a queue. 

The list of activities that can be donewith the help of VTM.iQ includes but is not limited by the following:

  • To have an online video chat with the Call-Center operator who can provide you support on usage of the VTM.iQ and on banking service offering
  • To identify the user by different means of authorization/ authentication: contactless or contact bank card reader, passport or ID scanner, fingerprint scanner
  • To provide personalized information on bank services fora particular identified client
  • To sign the contract for banking services and open an account
  • То order a bank credit or debit card and immediately receive it
  • То arrange a loan agreement, sign it and immediately get the money to the account current / credit card or in cash
  • To check your account balance and receive statement of turnover for a selected period of time
  • To deposit cash to account current and/or card account
  • To withdraw cash from account current or card account
  • To carry the loan payments
  • To carry out payment transactions in cash, by bank card, transfer from the account
  • To pay utilities bills, for communications, transportation services, to purchase tickets, vouchers, etc
  • To block the card (in case of loss or theft)
  • To change the PIN-code



Multipurpose terminal:

  • Monitors
    - 42“ HD LED
    - 22” HD LED Touchscreen
  • Printers
    - A4 Format Thermal / Laser Printer
    - Intermec PM43c Ticket Printer - 80mm Receipt Printer
    - Card Printer (single- and double-sided, b/w and color)
    - Canon LIDE220 A4 Tablet Scanner
  • CHDVv2CU Motorized Hybrid Card Reader
  • NFC ViVOpay Kiosk II Proximity Card Reader
  • EPPV6 Vario PIN Entry Keypad
  • Intermec ED40 2D/QR Bar Code Reader
  • Wacom STU series / Signotec E-Signature Encoding Device

CS C6060 Automated Teller Safe for under-counter installations:

  • Banknote processing
    - Deposit/withdrawal of up to 200 notes perbundle
    - Recycling of up to 8 denominations
    - Operating mode: deposit, withdrawal, deposit/ withdrawal, cash recycling
    - Triple-bay cash slot system
  • Note storage
    - 8 drum modules with up to 500 notes per drum
  • Security
    - Different safes
    - Robbery and intruder alarm system
    - Mechanical and electronic locks
    - Intelligent operator authentication


  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • Diebold Nixdorf ProBase XFS Platform
  • Diebold Nixdorf ProCash/NDC/DDC Support Protocol
  • Diebold Nixdorf ProChip/EMV Applicator Server
  • Diebold Nixdorf ProTopas Platform for Self-Service Devices
  • ProTopas/WebExtensions Software For Interactive User Interface
  • BS/2 Video Monitoring Software Solution - ATMeye.iQ
  • BS/2 Payment Gateway Software Solution - Payments.iQ
  • BS/2 ATS Management System - SmartSafe.iQ
  • Diebold Nixdorf Direct Marketing Gateway


  • VTM.iQ hardware / software installation
  • Diebold Nixdorf ProBase / ProChip - EMV / ProTopas - WebExtensions software installation and integration
  • BS/2 VTM.iQ:
    - video conference server
    - multimedia content display
    - document scanning
    - data entry using barcode scanning
    - document printing
    - printing on plastic cards
    - electronic digital signature usage
    - user identification via a contactless card reader
  • BS/2 ATMeye.iQ/Payments.iQ/SmartSafe.iQ
  • Integration with banking systems (Core-banking, Call-Center, Host, Processing, CRM / Direct Marketing)
  • Training
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

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