Cash-In Box.iQ


Cash-In Box.iQ – solution for cash deposit optimization. The solution Cash-In Box.iQ comes in the form of a reliable deposit machine, integrated with the IT system of the bank serving the outlet. It comes equipped with effective and convenient tools for monitoring and controlling the operation of all connected self-service devices.


The Cash-In Box.iQ solution for commercial structures (bank branches, stores, post offices, casinos, sports or entertainment complexes) offers a more transparent system of working with cash, avoiding operational errors and preventing abuse by personnel.

In accordance with the established policies, the cashier transfers the cash to a separate office space for recalculation, verification of the authenticity of notes and finally for depositing funds. The system identifies the cashier by personal code, ID documents or using biometric data. Cash-In Box.iQ credits the funds instantly to the specified account. During this entire process, detailed information about every step is stored in the systems database.

For the transportation of funds, employees of the cash collection service use a special bag equipped with a mechanical lock. Thanks to the sealing mechanism and a special locking device, only the authorized cash- collector can withdraw the bag safely. However, the collector cannot access the cash directly at any part of this process.



Instant crediting

The funds deposited using the solution are automatically credited to the account, which completely removes the responsibilities of further storage and transportation of funds from the depositor. This allows immediate access to the funds for further payments.

Various identification methods

The system authenticates the user by personal ID number, biometric data, etc. Minimizing the risk of operational errors and shortening the time required for depositing funds.

Simplicity and reliability of use

The deposit machine has a user-friendly interface for easily validating and depositing funds, without requiring any prior knowledge or skills from the depositor. This is especially important when individuals who have not received any special training use the selfservice devices.

24/7 deposit

The depositor can choose the most convenient location and time for depositing, avoiding queues and other inconveniences. Eliminating the need to base schedules on the operating time of CIT services.


Secure money storage

The device is equipped with reliable tools for recounting and validating notes, which excludes the receipt of counterfeit money. Special mechanisms ensure the safety of cash during storage and collection.

Large capacity

The self-service device allows storing up to 17,000 banknotes, which considerably exceeds the capacity of standard ATMs and electronic cashiers. This allows for a more flexible approach to planning and organization of cash collection, even with a large flow of depositors.

Functionality and access management

Access rights management ensures security and ease-of-use. The system provides several user roles (operator, collector, administrator and client), each of which has a certain set of available actions.

Comfortable CIT

The Cash-In Box.iQ solution allows you to authorize the employee of the cash collection service and automatically prepare the needed documents. The device itself provides convenient access to the safe and greatly facilitates the unloading of funds.

Business analytics and reporting

Cash-In Box.iQ allows you to generate reports on the operation of the entire network of self-service devices in technical and financial terms, as well as export data to integrated business intelligence systems or Core banking system.


  • Cash capacity - from 15000 to 17000 banknotes
  • Cash loading module capacity - 500 banknotes
  • Cash return module capacity - 300 banknotes
  • Rejection module capacity - 100 banknotes
  • Cash processing speed - 1500 banknotes per minute
  • Ability to adjust cash processing speed – from 17 to 21 banknotes per second
  • Currency check - 4 machine-readable signs (including serial number reader)
  • Receiving 10 currencies in “mix” mode
  • Ability to set the amount for the recalculation of cash (used to perform expenditure transactions)
  • Accompanying document printer for each operation
  • Intuitive user interface

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