Adaptation of self-service devices for visually impaired people


285 million people all over the world suffer from visual ailments, and about 7% do not see well enough; nevertheless, the visually impaired can independently use ATMs equipped with a voice prompt service. A blind person who approaches such a "talking" ATM can listen to a systematic instruction over the headphones on how to perform a particular transaction (entering a PIN-code, checking the account balance, withdrawing cash, etc.).

How to use

The audible signal helps the visually impaired people to find not only the ATM itself, but also a headphone jack located next to the keypad. By connecting the headphones, the impaired customer would hear instructions on how to use the ATM. To confirm and cancel operations, the buttons with tactile signs "Cancel", "Clear" and "Enter" are used.


  • Ability to use ATM independently
  • High contrast screen
  • Automatic screen mode switching
  • A beep that helps to find the ATM and a headset jack
  • Labels on the ATM can be performed in the national language and Braille

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