Integrated solutions from BS/2 consist of both advanced hardware and specialized software developed inhouse that can be easily adapted to different business sectors and successfully used to achieve your company’s specific goals.

VTM.iQ Hardware & Software platform

Hardware and software platform is a completely new technological approach to financial services, allowing to radically transform and change the style you work with clients.

Cash-In Box.iQ

Cash-In Box.iQ – solution for cash deposit optimization. The solution Cash-In Box.iQ comes in the form of a reliable deposit machine, integrated with the IT system of the bank serving the outlet. It comes equipped with effective and convenient tools for monitoring and controlling the operation of all connected self-service devices.

A-Series - access management for banking equipment

The A-Series is a superior global solution for ATM access control. It combines state-of-the-art access control software with S&G's high ATM electronic safe and security locks technology to provide ATM manufacturers, banks and armored car companies with streamlined, simplified and high security ATM Access management System.