NAMOS Paylane Multimedia

Product description

Have you ever thought about using the time of your customer at the pump more efficiently?

Why not providing him with useful information during the filling process?

With NAMOS paylane Multimedia, the most important messages can be displayed at the pump itself - after all, this is the "point of contact" with customers, who can respond very spontaneously to your service or product offerings.


  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Generate additional income
  • Higher turnover

NAMOS paylane Multimedia, an ideal medium for showing customers up-to-date advertisements, making them aware of loyalty programs, or offering information tailored to a particular service station. The promotion possibilities are almost endless.


One Global Solution

  • Self-service terminal with multimedia content (video/slides)
  • For Outdoor Payment Terminals, Plasma Screens, Posters and Electronic Displays
  • Contents are controlled individually for each service station, a region or for the entire chain
  • Playlists timed to the minute
  • Intuitive operation

Store Operator`s Benefits

  • Creates a revenue stream from advertisements sales, indoor and outdoor
  • Turns your dispenser into an efficient marketing tool
  • Target group specific content (e.g. seasonal and day time dependencies)

Technical specifications

  • 12.1” high brightness, full colour screen with wide viewing angle
  • Loudspeaker and microphone
  • Browser-based software
  • Data transfer via TCP/IP
  • Remote software upgrades and diagnostics

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