Product description

Today’s mostly manual cash handling offers major potential for streamlining, from the POS to the cash office to the follow-up work of cash-in-transit operators and cash centers. The goal is to standardize the cash supply and removal processes, automate routine work or to reduce the effort and costs involved through process reengineering activities.


  • Highly scalable solution for staff-attended & self-service operation
  • Fully automated cash handling process
  • Improved security and tighter control (no discrepancies, thefts, etc.)
  • Improved productivities (no counting and auditing of cash, etc.)
  • Immense cost savings implicate a quick return of investment
  • Compact design and user-friendly interface


Scalable and integrated cash management solution

  • Automated cash handling processes
  • Closed cash cycle from float-in to collection process
  • Reduces cash process costs, eliminates discrepancies, prevents thefts, note detection and frees your staff from time-intensive tasks like counting cash
  • Easy to integrate
  • Compact design and user-friendly interface

Store Operator’s benefits

  • Advanced security and tighter control
  • Enhanced productivity and less queuing
  • Space saving solution
  • Low investment risk
  • Positive ROI in best time
  • Additional services like Cash Withdraw can be added easily

Technical facts

  • Open software platform
  • Fully integrated via standard interface into NAMOS compact POS
  • Fast and easy remote configuration, maintenance and upgrades
  • Hardware consists of bank note and coin module

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