Service stations

Software solutions designed for gas-stations include solutions for the management of electronic cash registers compatible with devices of a wide range of manufacturers, and gas-station resource and accounting management as well as various customer service systems, including marketing solutions for customer acquisition. The latter include easily managed multimedia applications designed for video clip viewing, security systems, etc.

SmartSafe.iQ is a cost-effective multi-vendor software solution for automated teller safes that helps to manage all cash operations from deposits and withdrawals to currency exchange. In order to provide the video surveillance function, the solution can be integrated with the ATMeye.iQ system that allows taking photos of the ATS zone triggered by various events (cash operations).

TPPetrol is the software package for retailers who want to expand their business to include service stations and need a consistent accounting solution.

With NAMOS compact, the core of the i-SERVICE STATION, Diebold Nixdorf sets new standards for Petroleum/ Convenience Point of Sale systems. Its flexibility enables the same solution to be used across the global network, no matter what operating type or size of operations.

NAMOS central allows companies to effectively manage and control all aspects of their Petroleum/Convenience network.

With NAMOS retail, a flexible and powerful Back-Office solution, Diebold Nixdorf allows operators to effectively manage and control all aspects of their Petroleum/ Convenience Store.

Based on proven standard hard - and software components, the NAMOS paylane family is a global set of solutions, setting new standards in terms of usability, openness and flexibility.

With NAMOS paylane Multimedia, the most important messages can be displayed at the pump itself - after all, this is the "point of contact" with customers, who can respond very spontaneously to your service or product offerings.

The goal is to standardize the cash supply and removal processes, automate routine work or to reduce the effort and costs involved through process reengineering activities.

Sensor technology is one of the key technologies for electronic measuring, testing, monitoring or automating. With NAMOS environmental, Diebold Nixdorf has integrated powerful and reliable solutions for monitoring and measuring filling levels and flow sensors at service stations.

NAMOS active Promotion is a dynamic marketing service network transforming NAMOS into a direct consumer marketing channel capable of reaching millions of consumers every week.

NAMOS video is an intelligent service station security solution designed to defeat multiple threats and is integrated into NAMOS compact. It is an exclusive Native Windows Media based digital surveillance system.

With NAMOS visual merchandising the advantages of familiar advertising media are combined with innovative hardware and software

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