Vynamic Security

Product description

Vynamic Security - protection of ATMs and other self-service devices against all types of fraud and hacker attacks.

Sensitive data protection is a paramount goal for any financial organization. In case of this data theft, banks bear financial expenses as well as reputational damage. Keeping this in mind, the solution able to provide ATM fleet’s protection at the physical and logical levels is a must-have thing for a stable business development. Multilayer antifraud system enchants the most important and vulnerable parts of the bank’s IT infrastructure.

Over the last years, the usage of self-service device grows intensively (ATM, Payment Terminal and other). While more people start using the self-service channel more actively, FI’s risks naturally increase. It is sad to state, but usually, the basic level of ATM fleet protection is beneath all criticism: outdated OS like Windows XP, unlicensed software, and absence of standards and procedures of the technical audit are only the most obvious part of the problem.

The BS/2 company offers the Vynamic Security solution developed by Diebold Nixdorf, to protect your ATM fleet from any kind of intrusion and fraud.

How to protect ATM from break-in and fraud?

Vynamic Security is an end-to-end solution, which consists of 4 tailored and independent modules to build the all-round protection and maintain the safe environment for bank’s self-service channels. The solution covers up for thousands ATM around the world.

1.    Hard Disk Encryption

This module empowers to encrypt sensitive data stored on the hard disk of ATM’s PC. The disk drive is set to work only in given hardware and software environment and will be disabled in case of any unauthorized extraction. Consequently, fraudsters are not able to access customer’s and bank’s information. 

2.    Intrusion Protection

Intrusion Protection provides the pass-through security against malware network and local attacks.  The solution focuses on vulnerability handling for operational systems (OS) and various ATM software applications.

3.    Access Protection

Access Protection allows building of a flexible Access Management system for self-service devices. Detailed user actions logging provides the opportunity to detect and, more important, prevent fraud attempts at ATMs and other terminals.

4.    Fraud Detection

The antifraud module gathers information and build standard ‘behavior patterns’ for users, application and single processes, detecting all the deviances and informing the responsible security staff. The reading of these abnormalities becomes the most effective way to protect IT systems of financial institutions and other companies against modern intrusion and cybercrime threats.


The advantages of Vynamic Security: 

  • Use of the solution in the multivendor environment of self-service devices
  • Prove comprehensive protection against all known and potential threats within a single package of services
  • Integrate the solution with various software used on self-service devices
  • Reduce the cost of ownership. No need to support this software permanently
  • Use the solution, which is compliant with international IT security standards and requirements of various regulatory bodies. 

BS/2 offers delivery, integration and support of the solution within the existing customer infrastructure. We are able to manage the training process for the employees of the customer company in order to improve their skills for working with the supplied software.

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