Sentinel HASP (SL, HL)

Product description

Award-winning, out-of-the-box software licensing security solution

Sentinel HASP® is the industry’s first and only software licensing and security solution to enable the use of either software- or hardware-based protection keys to enforce software protection and licensing.

Functions and features

  • Secure and flexible software licensing and management to enhance revenues with value based business models.
  • Software copy protection to combat software piracy and illegal use.
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection to maintain competitive edge in the face of reverse engineering and intellectual property theft.
  • Unique Cross-Locking™ technology that enables the ISV to choose either hardwarebased (dongle) or softwarebased (product activation) keys “on-the-fly” – completely independent of the engineering process.
  • Role-based tools that fully align with the software product lifecycle for enhanced efficiency, and to ensure greater operational efficiency and growth in the bottom line.
  • Innovative design enabling ISVs to confidently sell into companies leveraging modern technologies including virtualization.

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