Product description

Cases of credit card fraud have increased considerably in recent years. The main reason for this is that magnetic stripe cards can quite easily be tampered with or copied. To reduce the number of such frauds and the associated losses, international credit card companies have combined forces to promote the introduction of chip based credit cards (smartcards).

Smartcards offer customers and credit card companies a high level of security because it is very much more difficult to copy or tamper with chip-based cards. Leading credit card companies worldwide have defined standardized conditions for the processing of smartcards and summarized these conditions in the EMVCo specification.

ProChip/EMV Debit/Credit 2.1 is an application kernel that has been certificated compliant with the EMVCo 4.1 specification. It supports the processing of EMV smartcards by Diebold Nixdorf ProClassic products and third-party software products. EMVCo is operated by the international credit card companies Mastercard, Visa and JCB.

These companies’ common purpose is to specify standard conditions for smartcard processing in commerce and banking in order to guarantee a global basis for the interoperability of the various national smartcards and terminals that is independent of the manufacturer, the financial institution and the location at which the card is used.

As credit and debit cards change over from magnetic stripes to chips the credit card companies, in their capacity as licensors of the financial institutions and/or network operators involved, are calling for the country-wide implementation of and compliance with the criteria laid down in the EMVCo specification.

Diebold Nixdorf’s ProChip/EMV Debit/Credit V2.1 is an extension to the ProTopas Manager that supports the programming of EMV 4.1 certificated self-service applications for processing EMV smartcards. ProChip/EMV Debit/Credit V2.1 also provides EMV support for the standard products ProCash/NDC, ProCash/DDC and ProCash/IFX. ProChip/EMV Debit/Credit V2.1 also provides an API that enables other equipment manufacturers to integrate a certificated EMV kernel.

ProChip/EMV Debit/Credit provides functions to implement communications between terminal and smartcard, and also administers and makes available all the terminal’s EMV related data. This makes it possible to quickly and easily implement EMV-compliant transaction processes on self-service equipment even without detailed knowledge of EMV.

ProChip/EMV Debit/Credit is independent of the host protocol and can be integrated into existing host protocol environments. Such integration is implemented individually on a project basis as collaboration between the customer, the host protocol provider and Diebold Nixdorf.


  • EMV-compliant self-service transactions offer a markedly higher level of security than those based on magnetic stripe technology.
  • Financial institutes can offer their customers this enhanced security standard by issuing EMV-compliant payment systems.
  • Smartcards are able to store a number of different applications. This makes it easy for financial, commercial and service organizations to cooperate (e.g. by accommodating finance and payback systems on one and the same card).
  • Product Certification
  • ProChip/EMV Debit/Credit V2.1 is certificated for the EMV 4.1 specification under an EMV Level 2 acceptance.
  • The official certificate is listed on EMVCo’s website (www.emvco.com) under “Level 2 Approved Application Kernels”.

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