Platform Security Agent (PSA)

Product description

A new dimension in Software Security

You can now protect your self – service systems against all known and unknown risks: with the Platform Security Agent (PSA), the intelligent security software from Wincor Nixdorf.

Platform Security Agent (PSA) protects self service terminal against :

  • Network attacks e.g. Virus, Trojans, Spyware
  • Local attacks e.g. non authorized installation or modification of software components on ATMs

Based on set of dynamic rules, PSA detect any behavioral anomalies in the running of programs:

For PSA: “Anything that is not explicitly allowed is forbidden”


  • Availability: Protection for self-service terminals from internal and external attacks
  • Protection: for self-service terminals against known and unknown threats
  • Confidentiality: Protection of confidential data for self-service terminals
  • Integrity: Software platform integrity for self-service terminals
  • Secure software updates: Local and remote for self-service terminals
  • Monitoring and report creation: All tampering and non authorized access to self-service terminals
  • Highly efficient standalone product: No additional administration console needed for self-service terminals
  • No impact on: Performance and usage of self-service terminals
  • Connection to all system administration solutions: for self-service terminals e.g. ProView, Tivoli, etc.

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