PC/E Key Loading Security

Product description

PC/E Key Loading Security automates your Terminal Master Key distribution and replaces the existing human intensive and costly intensive processes.

The Terminal Master Keys (TMK) are generated at a central point of administration and distributed fast and securely to the EPPs of all the connected self-service systems through our intelligent key distribution system. Our solution therefore enables secure communication and authentication between the self-service systems and the switch/host.

The generation and distribution of TMKs can take place on request, which makes it possible to respond to such events as new guidelines and requirements or even security threats within the shortest possible time and without the need for direct adjustments on your local systems. Furthermore the entire TMK management is possible.


  • Generation, distribution and management of TMKs
  • Central administration and resource management
  • Multivendor capability for protocols, applications, KMS/HMS and switch/host
  • Compliance with PCI, VISA, MASTERCARD, ANSI, X.92 Supports all standard encryption procedures, DES and 3DES
  • “Ready for SOA” certificate from IBM


  • Increased security by central, automated Terminal Master Key distribution
  • Lower maintenance and personnel costs thanks to automated processes
  • Lower-cost key distribution thanks to process flow optimization
  • Fast response to changing market requirements
  • Protected investments and fast ROI, even in multivendor landscapes

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