Retail Store Software


TPAdmin is the perfect tool to manage and control your retail company's store IT centrally on the system and function levels. It reduces total operating costs by means of flexible parameter control, campaign management and software distribution with central monitoring of processing states.


TPAnalyze makes business results available throughout the enterprise in a purposeful and readily understandable way. It helps to improve a retailer's responsiveness by setting up continuous near-realtime reporting throughout the enterprise.


TPBistro is the software package for retailers who want to expand their services to include restaurants and need a clear and understandable accounting solution.


Whether special promotions and customer services in stores, strategic campaigns, simple administration of customer cards and customer accounts – for both retailers and customers alike - TPLoyalty provides the means to win over customers simply and successfully with centralized control and automatic implementation in the sales area.


TPLinux is one of the most flexible Linux-based store solutions available on the global market.


TP.net is a store solution that helps retailers to organize, drive and control their store IT flexibly.


TPPetrol is the software package for retailers who want to expand their business to include service stations and need a consistent accounting solution.


TPiSHOP is our hardware independent software offering for realising these concepts. Different scenarios are available; from simple Pre-Scanning of the goods up to a deep integration with loyalty programs and sophisticated campaigns (discounts, bonus points, cross-selling and up-selling hints etc.).


For the realization of highly complex working time models and workforce deployment scenarios in retailing ia TPWorkforce, a comprehensive, modular software suite. This integrated software for efficient workforce management in the retail trade comprises, based on the established solution from out Partner ATOSS.


Seamless integration of store solutions in retailing with merchandise management and/or other central solution components must be ensured without increasing the complexity of the store IT. This requires that we deliver solutions and platforms that enable simple, yet effective intermeshing of the store and head office.


Retailers who choose to install a self-checkout POS will not want to modify their POS software solution, let alone move to an entirely new system. And there is absolutely no need, thanks to the intelligent POS adapter interface offered by TPiSCAN.