Mobile SmartSafe.iQS – Self-Service System Based on Smartphone and Automated Safe

Product description

Mobile SmartSafe.iQ is a new payment infrastructure based on ATS (Automated Teller Safe) and smartphone. Among the main features of Mobile SmartSafe.iQ are usability, extended functionality, high security level, lower cost of service point and reduction of workload of the bank branch’s lobby staff. Mobile SmartSafe.iQ provides end users with a wide range of banking services for conducting cash transactions, such as cash withdrawal, cash acceptance and crediting to a bank account, payment for services, currency exchange. 

The new system allows combining functions of the recirculating ATM, payment self-service kiosk and currency exchange machine as well as provides all these services in a convenient interface of a personal smartphone.

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Functions and features

Providing staff with full accounting (basic list of reports is being updated in accordance with the necessary forms):

  •  safe’s cash report;
  •  report on safe’s collections;
  •  report on operations over the selected period;
  •  safe’s turnover over the period;
  •  report on cash balance;
  •  reports on unpicked and deferred banknotes;
  •  report on trade payables.

Safe network monitoring:

  •  availability of safes and servers via the messaging network;
  •  safes’ current balance;
  •  the equipment’s technical condition up to the node.


Scheme of solution


For clients of the bank

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