Mobile Payments.iQ - allows to make payments using mobile banking

Product description

The Mobile Payments.iQ extension allows to make payments using mobile banking. It requires no additional costs to the bank, as all payments available in Payments.iQ are linked automatically. All Payments.iQ structural and payment options‘ changes are immediately viewed in Mobile Payments.iQ.

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Functions and features

Mobile Payments.iQ functional is defined by Payments.iQ functional and usually includes:

  •  Telecommunication bills payment
  •  Utility bills payment
  •  Budget payments
  •  Repayment of loans (leasing companies)
  •  Tuition costs payment
  •  Children's institutions (kindergarten, nursery) bills payment
  •  Medical / SPA treatment payment





1. Payment system start screen

Select the type of payment...Telephone.




2. Select the service provider

Select the service provider...Azerfonfon.



3. Client‘s identification

Enter the phone number.




4. Payment details according to client‘s ID

Information about debt for the given number is displayed.



5. Enter the amount to be paid

Enter the amount.




6. Proof of payment

Fulfillment of payment is confirmed.



7. Transaction completed

The sign „Operation is successfully completed“ is displayed.



Scheme Mobile Payments.iQ

  • Client – an authorized mobile banking client
  • Mobile.iQ - mobile applications system server
  • Payments.iQ - electronic payment system server
  • Billing system - multi-channel billing system (can be used in Bill Manager.iQ environment)
  • Electricity, water, gas ... - service providers

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