Mobile IPTV.iQ – direct broadcasts on a mobile

Product description

Versatile solution Mobile IPTV.iQ enables direct online broadcasts of TV, radio programs or conferences, seminars and other events on mobile devices.

At a customer’s request, the company may offer “Android” app tailored for direct broadcasts Mobile IPTV.iQ that enables the viewer to comfortably view and manage the broadcast on a mobile device.

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  • Broadcasts in any location of the world and on any mobile device are ensured by Over the Top (OTT) technology
  • High-definition (HD) quality of image and sound
  • Smooth and continuous broadcasting via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection is ensured by a monitoring system
  • Possibility to set up reminders, ask the announcer or host of the program a question in real time, view contents of the program, etc.
  • Comprehensive statistical data on viewing


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