TransLink.iQ – Transaction Processing and POS Terminal Network Management

Product description

The TransLink.iQ system has been developed by Ashburn International and intended for administration and control of EFTPOS terminal networks and transaction delivery, as well as real-time monitoring of transactions and technical features of payment terminals.

The system also expands the standard functionality on EFTPOS terminals by implementing additional features and lowering hardware and service infrastructure operating costs - thus increasing revenue.

The hardware-software solution TransLink.iQ was created in compliance with international payment system requirements for servicing chip-based, contactless and other types of cards. The solution meets international card security standards such as PCI PA DSS, PCI-DSS Level 1 and Visa PIN Security Program. The software solution is P2PE compliant, which greatly simplifies the process of PCI DSS Level 1 certification for merchants. 

The software solution Translink.iQ consists of several modules including: Manager, SmartPOS, xConnect and Reporting – each being an inseparable part of a unified ecosystem.

Functions and features

Centralized management

The solution allows remotely managing a fleet of various devices, configuring and installing soſtware on EFTPOS terminals.

Integrated monitoring in real time

The system collects and displays information about the operating status of each EFTPOS terminal in the network as well as soſtware and device parameters, monitors the intensity of the transaction flow, collects detailed information on each payment made, and much more within one platform.

Multibanking Feature Support

Transaction routing to various acquiring banks depending on the card BIN and other parameters, which allows to conduct transactions from one physical terminal through different financial and non-financial processing centers.

Work with equipment from different manufacturers

The solution can be applied in multivendor environments, if the device fleet consists of EFTPOS terminals of different manufacturers.

Automated management of encryption keys

Due to the use of asymmetric data encryption technology (RSA), TransLink.iQ allows automating the managment of encryption keys which significantly reduces the costs associated with the process of providing the necessary level of security.

Multimerchant function support

The system allows making payments from one physical device on behalf of several merchants or sending transactions to different accounts of the same merchant.


Process optimization of EFTPOS terminal installation on the merchant site

The system simplifies and speeds up the process of terminal installation, minimizes operational errors and, among other things, helps with installation of devices without the involvement of service staff, which significantly reduces the costs associated with the primary deployment of EFTPOS terminal for banks and PSP-companies.

Payments collection solution

TransLink.iQ allows you to funds directly to the desired bank account of the final beneficiary when paying for a product or service by scanning a bar-code or QR code from an invoice.

Solution for restaurants and cafes

Unique integration between TransLink.iQ system and specialized soſtware for HoReCa industry (restaurants, cafes, etc.) R-Keeper provides customer service process management using a standard payment terminal.



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