SmartSafe.iQ – Automated Teller Safe Management

Product description

The system is designed to control automated teller safes (ATSs) and additional equipment for the automation of cash deposit/withdrawal points. SmartSafe.iQ can operate as a stand-alone system for work with ATS offline, as well as fully
integrated into the banking system.

SmartSafe.iQ implementation simplifies everyday operations, allows to avoid operator errors, to prevent possible illegal manipulation with cash and also to optimize operations in the banking infrastructure with cash.

The main tasks of SmartSafe.iQ:

  • Automated cash deposit/withdrawal
  • Automated cash load/unload (replenishment)
  • Control and monitoring of procedures during the workday
  • Monitoring of cash in real time
  • Online access to various reports
  • Administration of software and hardware

More information on the new site www.smartsafe.lt

Functions and features


Solution SmartSafe.iQ is able to operate with the world’s major manufacturers models, including the most advanced Recycling safe, and the list is constantly expanding. Supported equipment*: Diebold Nixdorf, CTS, DoCash, Glory DeLaRue, Talaris etc.
* integration with any new type of equipment takes on average 2 months.


Solution allows to organize automated teller safe’s work with different world countries currency.


Bank cashier has an ability to work with banknotes different denominations.


Due to a multi-language mechanism, it is possible to create the user interface and reports in a chosen language.

Issuance of the full amount: bills and coins

For banks seeking full automation of a cashier’s work place, SmartSafe.iQ enables coin dispenser’s support, that automatically allows the cashier to issue all necessary sums: bills + coins.

Wide list of reports

Using flexible generation tools, SmartSafe.iQ allows creation of any reports based on a customers’ request.

Data security

Data transfer is carried out using a secure protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Solution supports security certificate generation in the system and loading certificates from external systems.

Video security

Another step to increase the security is integration with ATMeye.iQ. SmartSafe.iQ allowing recording all the events happening in the area of cashiers workplaces.

Integration with any BIS

SmartSafe.iQ provides various tools for integration with BIS (Banking Information System) or external control systems of cash flows: WEB services, Stored Procedures, JMS, DLL. To date, SmartSafe.iQ integrates with more than 10 different BIS. In necessary, integration with any new BIS takes 2-3 months.

Centralized management

SmartSafe.iQ allows centralized control of all cash transactions.

Flexible configuration

The ability to combine cashier’s workplaces into a common computer network allowing bank branch personnel to quickly switch between safes and combine safes with other peripheral devices (coin dispenser, external display, camera, card reader, automated teller safe) using a secure protocol SSL.


Scheme of solution

  • SERVER Smart Safe.iQ is SmartSafe.iQ application server based on JBOSS or IBM WebSphere platform.
  • DATABASE SERVER SmartSafe.iQ is the database server for SmartSafe.iQ on the platform ORACLE.
  • BIS SERVER is the server of the Banking Information System.
  • OPERATOR’S WORKPLACE is the cashier’s / administrator’s / collector’s workplace in BIS.
  • ATS is an automated teller safe from different manufacturers (Diebold Nixdorf, CTS, DoCash, DeLaRue, Talaris, etc.).
  • IP CAMERA is a surveillance camera in the bank branch.
  • COIN DISPENSER is a peripheral device for dispensing coins.
  • EXTERNAL DISPLAY is a peripheral device to display information about operations.

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