Service Desk.iQ – Service Management and Optimization

Product description

Taking into account particular business needs, the Service Desk.iQ system is designed to optimize complex business processes. The solution which provides automation of work-related processes tasks can be applied in the banking, retail and service sectors.

The solution is effectively used for asset management, accounting, traffic and life cycle documentation and monitoring. Service Desk.iQ automatically collects and aggregates data, with the operator‘s help distributes them to users and helps to process ordinary business processes using only one tool.

Service Desk.iQ automates the following processes:

  • Fault fixing
  • Work quality control
  • Data collection and storage
  • Formation of documentation and reporting
  • Logistics tracking
  • Accounting
  • Monitoring of resources
  • Monitoring the operation of devices
  • Distribution of tasks and their direct observation on the map
  • Other business management processes

The solution is designed to facilitate the work of the business sector; for this purpose, self-service platforms have been created for customers‘ mobility and convenience:

  • Web Service Desk.iQ, which allows clients to record incoming requests, monitor their status and provide prompt solutions to problems;
  • Mobile Service Desk.iQ, which is used by engineers and technical support staff who can remotely receive requests and solve the problems quickly.

The security of data collected and stored in the Service Desk.iQ system is ensured by ISO 27001 information security management system (guarantees confidentiality, data integrity & availability), as well as ISO 20001 IT services management system (which provides high-quality management of IT services based on Good ITIL practice) international standards.

Functions and features

Service Desk.iQ consists of modules, with which one can quickly and effectively manage tasks that require high qualification.

SRM.iQ - Service Request Management

This module performs automatic management of customers‘ requests, according to the SLA requirements. It manages the entire query cycle, from receiving a request to generating and sending a completed work report.

SLA.iQ - Service Level Agreement

The SLA.iQ module performs the input of formalized data into the system. They are based on methods for calculating general management parameters, the service level agreement and additional conditions. The use of this data sets the quality of the services provided to customers.

SRP.iQ – Service Repair Parts

The SRP.iQ module captures information and all events related to the resources used for troubleshooting services. The system records the spare parts/materials movement between warehouses, service company and responsible persons.

LRM.iQ - Local Repairs Management

The LRM.iQ module registers the local repair department operations and spare parts taken from controlled objects. The module (similar to SRP.iQ) performs local repair departments workflow accounting and forms local repair orders.

FCM.iQ - Fuel Consumption Management

The FCM.iQ module allows automatic / manual entering data to monitor the remaining fuel resources. This includes the fuel spent by the company-owned vehicles, covered distances and accounting for fuel charges.

GEO.iQ – real-time monitoring device

GEO.iQ module allows real-time monitoring of devices, tasks and their status on the map.

KPI.iQ – Key Performance Indicators

The KPI.iQ module measures and assesses the processes’ performance and their efficiency and tracks their trends. It accurately and carefully assesses the progress of achieving a specific goal. Various expert reports, which can be useful for analysts assessing these processes‘ effectiveness, are provided and selected reports are generated.

BBM.iQ - Basic Billing Management

The BBM.iQ module periodically calculates mutual settlements with customers as well as subcontractors for the provided services according to the signed agreements.


Query management scheme

  1. Information about the problem is provided by phone, e-mail or other monitoring systems in automatic mode (ProView, etc.).
  2. The Service Desk.iQ system automatically processes the information – and generates a request that is assigned by the operator to a specific service department.
  3. The service department manager plans troubleshooting works in accordance with the work schedule and the engineer‘s qualification.
  4. The engineer receives the task on the spot or via a mobile device, and performs the task.
  5. The engineer notes the work milestones in real-time mode and sends a report to the system.
  6. The service department manager examines the received work report and confirms its implementation, if no additional work is required.
  7. The operator checks that the service contract has not been violated and sends a report to the client.

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