Remote File Management.iQ - Remote File Management

Product description

RFM.iQ (Remote File Management.iQ) is a remote file system module which introduces a feature of remote uploading /downloading files from a remote terminal to .iQ platform. It allows the bank to download or update files on any terminal using TCP/IP network. The best feature of RFM.iQ solution is that once remote file system is activated, there is no need for physical access to the terminal to install new software or download journal files.

Secure, centralized, and flexible transfer of files between the server and the terminals can be applied individually or to the entire network of devices. To make sure that the file was transferred to a specific self-service device or to see the file status you can use the real-time file transfer report assistance.

RFM.iQ solution is suitable for all administration of self-service device systems in the finance sector (ATMs, ATS, kiosk systems, information and transaction terminals, etc.).


  • Less time spent on self-service device support and maintenance
  • Reduced engineering maintenance
  • Decreased costs for travelling
  • Maximize self-service device reliability and uninterrupted continuity


  • Remote file system browsing
  • File/folder transfer from the remote terminal to database or local file system
  • Scheduling of file transfer (by days, by week days, by folders, by file mask)
  • Electronic journal of the terminal to the database
  • Online status for terminal agents
  • Script (batch file) execution on a remote terminal Reporting through nodes and transfer history

Products, based on .iQ Platform

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