Payments.iQ – Automated Payments Processing System

Product description

Payments.iQ – is a full-featured software solution for arranging of receiving payments (for utilities, taxes, penalties), selling all kinds of electronic services (e.g. tickets, recharge codes, vouchers, utilities and so on.), retail banking automation, network management of information and payment terminals and ATMs.

Payments.iQ solution integrates into existing network terminal equipment of banks, trade organizations and other businesses without violating established infrastructure.

Payments.iQ has been certified with such host solutions and processing centers as OpenWAY, CompassPlus and Ashburn INTERNATIONAL.

Payments.iQ was recognized as the Best Banking Solution of 2012/2013 during the Regional Partner Summit Europe 2013, organized by Diebold Nixdorf.

More detailed information you can find at a new website www.payments-iq.com


Functions and opportunities

  • Provides customers with information and payment services. 
  • Receives payments from a variety of sources, using a predetermined communication protocol with further processing of payments. 
  • Registration, routing and processing information of payments. 
  • Provides up-to-date information to the payer from the service provider. 
  • Collection and processing of financial transactions from the end - points of customer service. 
  • Replenishment procedures, settlement and financial reports by period. 
  • Creation of a single interface for making payments. 
  • Ensures the business logic of financial settlements with all participants and the implementation of mutual settlements between them. 
  • Automation workplaces of personnel accompanying processes payment services, financial calculations and monitoring system. 
  • Customer authorization for transactions performing. 
  • Creation of payment registers. 
  • Import / export of information from any external source and billing systems. 
  • Generation of reports, analytical summary and statements about the functioning of the system and transactions. 
  • Basic monitoring of terminal equipment.


  • Easy integration with external systems.
  • No need for modification by the processing center of the bank when using Payments.iQ. 
  • Payment transactions for international and local payment systems using protocols ISO8583, NDC / DDC. 
  • Payment for services in cash, debit and credit cards, transfer of funds from the account. 
  • Ability to integrate Payments.iQ with newATM platforms and any other self-service terminal. 
  • Bank is provided with tools (workplaces), which allow independently develop scenarios of payments or implement adaptation of existing tools. 
  • Instant update of the functionality and the configuration of the installed software on the entire network terminal equipment, after describing the new functionality on Payments.iQ server.



Scheme of solution

  1. Possibility of payment for services or products in cash and cashless. 
  2. Carrying out payments using different devices: cash registers, EFT POS terminals, ATMs, payment terminals, mobile devices, etc.
  3. Workplaces for an Administrator, Operator, Tax inspector (Auditor,Controller) and Technologist. Monitoring system. 
  4. Creation of payments registry, operative calculation of commissions. 
  5. Working with external systems: processing center, switching center, automated banking system, etc. 
  6. Flexible integration of new service providers and convenient configuration of new payment scenarios.


Payments.iQ integration with automatic deposit system

Payments.iQ software solution adapted to control various automatic deposit system (English SID - Smart Intelligent Deposit), that expands basic functionality of the equipment and offers additional services to customers, who are now able to independently, without the help of bank employees, use the device to deposit cash.

Payments.iQ helps collect payments from end users who use banking cards and cash: remittances on various bank accounts, paying utility bills, etc. In addition, the solution is compatible with equipment from different manufacturers and can optimize payment processes, reduce costs, provide greater security and better control. Payments.iQ also allows a centralized management system of electro- nic device applications - any additional service automatically integrates across network devices.

Automatic deposit system is a safe, which can be installed in open plan spaces and used as self-service devices to receive cash. The device counts and verifies each bill, and then sends them to a special plastic bag, which is sealed automatically during the procedure of replenishment.

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