.iQ system core

Product description

Products based on .iQ platform designed on ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and strategically aligned to financial industry needs

.iQ Family Products are expanded through various modules. Each financial item of income and costs is a separate module which is integrated with the system core. Easily scaled and built up for quick and easy integration into any IT system. Entry of new or additional services does not require carrying out a repeated integration into customer’s IT systems.

.iQ Core modules

  1. Users and security management module - USM.iQ is the user management tool for entering, storing, editing, and deleting attributes of all .iQ Family Products users. It offers an extensive set of user management tools and adds much more flexibility. The User management tool gives access rights to users for different components of .iQ Platform, performs user authorisation in the .iQ Platform system, and systemically checks access rights to different modules and their components during the operation.
  2. Assets object - ADM.iQ is intended for entering, grouping, searching, editing and deleting attributes for all kind of assets such as ATMs, POS, company cars and others devices, which operate with other modules of .iQ Family. Assets object interface allows entering typical attributes of devices, which have meaning for usage by any module of .iQ Family Products, and special attributes, used by different modules. Assets objects provides ability to group devices or networks by hierarchy according to actual user or users’ group needs.
  3. Data Collector module - DTC.iQ is designed to synchronize .iQ Family Products with external systems. Gathered information by .iQ Agents from external systems is filtered and stored in Database. Real-time event information (card inserting, cash out, new service request and other events). Information on configuration changes in the external system (introduction of new device, device address replacement, external company status replacement, etc.).


Products, based on .iQ Platform

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style="color:#0093d9"><span style="text-transform: lowercase;">i</span>Q</span> – семейство программных продуктов cash management iq service desk iq smart safe iq cash in box translink iq atmeye remote file managementiq payments iq fcx iq vtm iq mobile .iq dashboard

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