FCX.iQ – Currency Exchange on ATMs

Product description

FCX.iQ – is an added functionality software solution that enables currency exchange at Diebold Nixdorf ATMs with recycling or cash-in technology.

FCX.iQ functionality:

  • Allows foreign currencies exchange to the local currency and vice versa;
  • Flexible calculation of a bank exchange fee;
  • Consists of FCX.iQ Server integrated into ATM network and FCX.iQ Terminal agent installed on ATM;
  • ATM working scenarios can be adopted to the customers needs.


  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • ProTopas Application Layer (ProCash/ProCash-in) + ProTopas WebExtension
  • Currency Data Files for all currencies that will be used for exchange

Functions and opportunities

  • Device Management
  • Different User’s Privileges
  • Currency Rate Management
  • Dashboard
  • Transaction Clearing DB
  • Integration with the Core Banking System (optional)

FCX.iQ Transaction Flow

  • Select Currency Exchange option from the ATM menu and dialogue language
  • Select the foreign currency that have to be changed to the local currency
  • Currency Exchange Rates Calculator at the next stage is showing the Client for an entered amount: exchanged amount, exchange rate, service fee that will be taken for a transaction and total amount that will be paid
  • At this step the Client can continue the transaction or cancel it, if not satisfied with the calculation results
  • If the Client chooses to continue, at the next stage ATM will open the shutter and will wait for the cash to be entered into cash slot. Standard ProCash-in validation operation is performed at this step
  • If the amount that was entered into the calculator at the previous step corresponds to the validated amount the currency exchange transaction is done. In the other case confirmation calculator will be open at the next screen. It provides you an option to add more money or proceed with the transaction or cancel it.
  • The client is receiving the printed receipt in case of a successful transaction or special message with the error code if the transaction has failed.

Short-Change Calculation Scenario:

  • One of the cash dispenser cassettes is filled with the lowest possible denomination banknotes (base denomination);
  • The amount to be dispensed after a currency exchange operation is rounded to the base denomination value;
  • The balance, which is the difference between the calculated amount and the amount to be dispensed, is charged by the bank as a commission for the operation
  • If collection of currency exchange fee is prohibited, in accordance with regulatory legislation, the balance can be performed in another way (crediting to a bank account, printing of deposit code on a bill, etc.)

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