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Product description

Dashboard.iQ was created as a tool to help making strategic decisions it displays and reflects information from .iQ platform. All data can be subscribed in advance and provided by the e-mail or it can be immediately ordered after query submission. The information may reflect historical data for a certain period or the current time.

Based on latest technology, Dashboard.iQ module acts as a control center for different modules of .iQ platform and provides quick access to information influencing the decision making process. (client-server mode or HTTPS protocol).

At this moment there are implemented more than 135 reports in the system.


  • Report subscription. Through a convenient graphical interface for the subscription to reporting, users can set up the required report parameters of various formats (word, excel, pdf, html) and schedule for the submission of reports by e-mail. This enables the user to take into account their needs and create their own list of reports.
  • Monitoring (on various devices) in real-time mode. Convenient graphical interface enables the user to set up the environment depending on their needs and efficiently monitor the status of business processes in real time. Data updates on the user’s devices are performed according to the specified schedule. Thereby the user always has all the relevant information required for decision making.
  • Subscription to information about event management. System user may subscribe to and receive information about the management of system events. If necessary, it is possible to set up specific event filtering parameters and methods of submission of the information (by e-mail, SMS, on the screen in the “iQ” system or application) according to the user’s needs.
  • Ensuring restriction of access to the received information depending on access rights granted to the user.
  • Online access to reports. 


“Dashboard.iQ” system can be easily adapted and/or integrated with other programs (not only “CORE.iQ”). “Dashboard.iQ” can collect data from other databases and display information in the desired context and/or cut in graphical reports.

With “Dashboard.iQ” program, owners/users of specific “CORE.iQ” products can store the required reports on a single report window, where depending on the user’s needs the status of specific business processes is displayed in real time on-line.   

Below you will find examples of graphical reports of “CORE.iQ” products.

The graph displays the statuses (processed, completed, delayed, etc.) of all requests received in the system. This allows the users of the system to control requests and plan preventive actions to minimize the number of delayed requests.

Network accessibility report for specific machines displays SLA indicator agreed on by the customer and the developer, variations of which can be monitored on a daily basis. This allows the service provider to plan and carry out preventive actions to stay within the agreed SLA indicator limits for machine network accessibility.

The report displays the actual amount of money in a specific machine network and specific region. Money flows are also displayed (collection of payments, balance in the machines, amount of money in vaults and ordered amounts of money).

The report displays information about turnover of services provided to the user of “Bill Manager.iQ” program, specifying 5 most profitable service providers.

Related products

Mobile.iQ is a set of mobile solutions designed exclusively for .iQ family products in order to provide mobile access to various information resources and services.

Cash Management.iQ is the .iQ family soſt ware solution that allows controlling cashfl ows in cashpoints such as: ATMs, ATS, payment kiosks, bank branches, vaults and others. The solution provides cash fl ow automation and increases the availability of cashpoints with optimal amount of cash. Using the system, banks and other organizations are able to reduce their daily expenses on cash fl ow support and increase effi ciency of cash, personnel and other resources usage.

SmartSafe.iQ is a cost-effective multi-vendor software solution for automated teller safes that helps to manage all cash operations from deposits and withdrawals to currency exchange. In order to provide the video surveillance function, the solution can be integrated with the ATMeye.iQ system that allows taking photos of the ATS zone triggered by various events (cash operations).

Payments.iQ – is a full-featured software solution for arranging of receiving payments (for utilities, taxes, penalties), selling all kinds of electronic services (e.g. tickets, recharge codes, vouchers, utilities and so on.), retail banking automation, network management of information and payment terminals and ATMs.

Products, based on .iQ Platform

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style="color:#0093d9"><span style="text-transform: lowercase;">i</span>Q</span> – семейство программных продуктов cash management iq service desk iq smart safe iq cash in box translink iq atmeye remote file managementiq payments iq fcx iq vtm iq mobile .iq dashboard

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