Central Video Management.iQ - Advertisment Content Management

Product description

Central Video Management.iQ is a smart visual advertising management solution that is based on the latest IP television technology. It is intended for ATMs, information and payment terminals and screens used at supermarket check-outs, in public transport and other public places.


  • To manage the visual advertisements on the terminal’s screens more effectively
  • To provide video advertising for the right segment e.g. by linking them to the cardholder’s gender, age, their most frequent purchases with the card, events taking place not far from where the card is being used, etc.
  • To transmit a stream of images to the installed screens – to each one individually or as a network – from the company’s server only (using the equipment’s memory), or from the Internet
  • To change all the settings in real time (online)


  • Personalisation of visual advertisements
  • Centralised remote management of visual advertisements (by computer, „iPad“, „iPhone“, etc.)
  • Collection of statistical data about the subjects of images being shown (quantity, showing time, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring in real time (online)
  • In the case of criminal attempts, an extra screen of the installation can be used as a signal device to warn passers-by about the criminal activity

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