Brancheye.iQ – Branch Security and Videomonitoring

Product description

Brancheye.iQ – solution insuring management of the whole banks branch's security, security systems management, heating, ventilation and airconditioning control. This vendor independent solution not only controls real-time security process remotely and monitors video footage of all self-service devices and branch premises, but also, reduces branch management maintenance costs. With Brancheye.iQ you may step-by-step to consolidate the management of the different banking-delivery channels and integrated end-to-end security.


  • Increases security of bank’s branch (robberies, vandalism, system failures, etc.)
  • Manages disputes with clients
  • Allows managing branch security remotely and in real-time
  • Integrates and controls buildings’ systems
  • Reduces maintenance and operational costs 


  • Flexible video / snapshot search & archive management
  • Snapshots, recordings & live video on sensors reaction with instant download
  • Automatic alerts on suspicious events Analytics and report generation
  • Users & access right management
  • Easy integration with any other IT system
  • Multi-vendor ATMs & platforms support
  • Management options on various devices – Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Web
  • Remote system status monitoring & configuration
  • Communication error handling System management by scheduling
  • Support up to 16 different video information sources
  • Building management system control
  • Smart metering: monitor electricity, gas, heating, water consumption
  • Face detection & recognition*

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