Bill Manager.iQ – Automated Data Collection and Billing

Product description

Bill Manager.iQ is a system for automatic data collection and bill generation for provided services, and for handling payments between service consumers and service providers.

The system automatically collects data on received services directly from meters, by integration with external systems or through other channels such as a web interface, customer service centers, or importing data from other systems.

Bills are generated automatically applying different combinations of tariffs, discounts/extra charges, subsidies, allowances, etc.  In addition, the system distributes end user payments and settles their accounts with different service providers.

When the system is integrated with the Payments.IQ system, the end user can use different methods of payments (ATMs, info-kiosks, POSes, etc.) to pay for received services.


  • More effective payment collection through automatic bill generation and delivery.
  • Minimization of human error when preparing bills through the automatic selection of customized tariffs.
  • Users get more convenient access to bills through "personal cabinets" that allow users to view and pay bills received .
  • Improved effectiveness of the employees monitoring meter readings through remote access to the required data.
  • Fast and timely communication and data exchange with external institutions such as providers, banks, and the postal service.
  • Technological base for managing service profitability and developing a client-oriented approach.
  • Improved service quality and customer interaction through automation.


  • Data is collected and processed automatically
  • Different services providers are added in a uniform way
  • Tariffs, allowances, discounts, and loyalty schemes are configured in a flexible way
  • Bills are generated and issued automatically
  • Payments between service subscribers/consumers and service providers are handled easily
  • Consumers can use self-service web accounts to view and pay bills received
  • Customer and service provider data management
  • Housing stock and equipment management
  • Housing stock status monitoring
  • Integration with external systems
  • User management and user access rights management
  • The system can be configured to process data coming from any kind of equipment
  • Automatic and manual recalculations
  • Notifications for late payers
  • Reports and analysis
  • Record keeping for consuming and measuring devices

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