Vynamic View (Proview)

Product description

ProView is monitoring and IT service management software for self-service systems. ProView provides extensive functions covering administration, monitoring and control of self-service networks to ensure that they deliver maximum performance and availability.

The software's highlights include:

  • Agent-based event monitoring
  • Software distribution to terminals
  • Uploading files from terminals to the server
  • Remote management for access to terminals
  • Processing and tracking of problem reports via integrated trouble ticket functions
  • Creation of jobs and rules to handle self-service management processes automatically
  • Integrated reports to analyze and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) for the network
  • Connection to other self-service products such as BMC Remedy © and ACI BASE24©


Increased availability

  • Faster resolution of problems as an agent on each terminal provides detailed information about the operating state
  • Proactive service by analyzing messages from terminals
  • Remote service to analyze and resolve problems
  • 24/7 monitoring

Cost savings

  • Fewer technician callouts
  • Problem resolution via remote access
  • Fewer callouts as problems are analyzed precisely
  • Faster, more efficient processing of customer inquiries in the back office due to online access to historical terminal data

Greater profitability of the self-service network

  • High availability increases revenue from third-party transactions and reduces transactions at the counter

Enhanced security of customers at self-service terminals

  • Monitoring of security features (for example antiskimming module)
  • Control of camera installations
  • Remote access to terminals, and ability to shut them down remotely if attacked

Support for strategic decision-making through extensive ProView data

  • Transaction data
  • User frequency
  • Analysis of services used
  • Ratio of third-party to own transactions
  • Location profitability


Terminal monitoring

Monitoring and event management provide terminal and application-specific information dynamically. The data is analyzed by the ProView agent on the terminal level and is transferred to the ProView server for processing and output.

File transfer – release management

Central distribution of software packages or individual files to the terminals is another advantage of the software. Distribution processes can be scheduled and files uploaded from the terminal to the server (file upload).

Remote management

Remote access to the terminals' functions, e.g. starting up or shutting down a self-service system without a costly engineer’s visit, ensures that the systems run efficiently and save costs.

Incident management

All messages and information from the terminals can use the incident management functions to automatically trigger a process in compliance with defined work steps and parameters, e.g. response times in the case of device failure.

Reporting and analysis

To control the network, ProView offers standard reports that automatically identify the key performance indicators (device and network availability). Individual reports and analyses can be offered during a customizing process.

Administration and configuration

ProView offers comprehensive rule and job management features.
Standard processes are automated and executed reliably, taking specific parameters into account.

Connection of other IT systems

ProView offers specific extensions and interfaces to other IT systems, e.g. for BASE 24 © switch monitoring.
ProView also has a Web Services-based interface to the IT service management software BMC Remedy ©.

SST Agent

The SST Agent can be used in conjunction with other monitoring solutions that are available on the market.
The Agent ensures that the self-service system’s specific information is forwarded to the monitoring software.

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