BS/2 offers a wide range of software for financial institutions, retail trade companies, gas-stations and postal organizations. The supplied software is designed to protect, control and automate operating processes of the companies. These products include solutions of the German self-service equipment manufacturer “Diebold Nixdorf” and original solutions of BS/2. One of these is the “.iQ” product family of BS/2 that enables optimization and management of business processes.

Software of BS/2 is designed for all fields of operation of financial institutions: from information and property protection to the systems of remote management of business intelligence.

Software of BS/2 for the retail trade sector is designed to protect information and hardware, manage business intelligence and assets.

Software of BS/2 for gas-stations covers a wide range of customer service systems, including marketing solutions, management systems of electronic cash registers, gas-station resource and accounting management solutions, etc.

Software developed by BS/2 for postal organizations enables the analysis of business processes, control of cash flows and staff operations, management of transactions and protection of the organization’s hardware and information.

The “.iQ” product family is unique platform of BS/2. It is a complex of multifunction monitoring and business process management solutions. The platform is designed to collect and reflect the most critical information about processes and to optimize business processes.

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