Software Support

BS/2’s professional experience in banking technology enables provision of professional outsourcing services to financial institutions. Ongoing monitoring of trends in the sector, a comprehensive knowledge of software, as well as extensive experience in creating software solutions, enterprise mobility, and relevant international standards, ensure the quality and competitiveness of BS/2 services.

Software support and maintenance services are necessary to ensure the reliable operation of the customers' business processes.

Taking account of the customers' specific business needs, BS/2’s experienced specialists carry out software development, updates and upgrades, and provide remote consultations concerning software operation. All services are provided during both warranty and non-warranty period. The response time to the customers' requests or incident and the time of problem-solving are defined by the service contract. A flexible approach at contract signing helps to realize the optimal IT maintenance business model.

BS/2’s IT Support unit is a centralized Service Desk information system based upon a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) principle. This system ensures high-quality software and hardware maintenance and effective management: incidents are monitored and recorded, problems are solved, system configurations and versions are managed, temporary solutions are applied, and various changes are made on the basis of customers' requests.

Depending on customer’s individual needs and capabilities, they may choose different software support level and the need for software maintenance services. The levels differ in speed of professional response, additional service amount and in price. The software maintenance package stays the same for all support levels which includes: hot-fixes, updates and upgrades.

The “Gold” Software Support Level gives proactive support package to the customers, i.e. the shortest question answering and problem solving time (response time is 4 hours and solving time is up to 29 hours), personalized website and service provision reporting, 10% discount on additional services.

The “Silver” Software Support Level is economy support package, i.e. the question answering and problem solving time are longer than for the gold level (response time is 6 hours and solving time is 47 hours) with 5% discount on training and consultation services.

The "Bronze" Software Support Level is a limited support package, i.e. the question answering and problem solving time are longer than for the gold and silver levels. 

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