Monitoring of self-service device network

BS/2 offers central monitoring of various geographically distributed self-service device networks using ProView  and Service Desk.iQ software.

Monitoring center receives all the necessary information on the status of self-service devices with the help of software agents installed in each unit. All events are processed in real time, allowing to identify problems remotely without physical access to a particular device, thus reducing service time and increasing device availability.

Monitoring service includes the following components:

  • Instant information on the equipment failures
  • Remote equipment management (rebooting, etc.)
  • Remote application management (restarting, etc.)
  • Remote file management (file transfer to and from the devices)
  • Software updates
  • Synchronizing the system time
  • Monitoring the banknotes counters
  • Monitoring of forgotten or retracted payment cards 
  • Software audits
  • Report generation

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