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A Celebration of Neighbourhood and Friendship: Reducing Social Exclusion and Creating Accessible Environment

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“Every day the sun warms everyone because it loves us”, these were the words that opened the twelfth celebration of neighbourhood and friendship which took place on May 27th. It was organized by Lithuanian Welfare Society for People with Intellectual Disability "Viltis". The lyrics of the anthem "Mes irgi galime mylėti" ("We can love too") reflect the philosophy of the organization: understanding and love for everyone, regardless of our differences.

Penki Kontinentai Group is among the most socially responsible companies in Lithuania

Penki Kontinentai is recognized as one of the most socially responsible companies of 2020. The high assessment was announced during the National Responsible Business Awards, organized by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, and the Ministry of Environment. 11 companies competed in the category of large enterprises, in which the Penki Kontinentai Group won.

Traditional Victory of SEB at the BFI Cup Tournament

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Representatives of SEB bank from Lithuania won the 13th BFI Cup international tennis tournament among banks and financial institutions. The second place went to the Danske bank team, the third - to Orion Securities. Аlmost 80 players took part in the tournament.

Penki Kontinentai Invites to Share Your Smile

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The Penki Kontinentai Group invites you to take part in the "Smile Gives Hope" campaign. The terms are simple: post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #dovanokvilti, and for each smile, we will donate € 1 to the Lithuanian Welfare Society for People with Intellectual Disability Viltis ("Hope").