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BS/2 has launched a website dedicated to cash circulation optimization

The BS/2 company has launched a new information website dedicated to the optimization of money circulation at cash points -

The site tells about current problems of organizing cash circulation in the self-service structure of companies in the banking sector and how these problems can be solved using the specialized software solution Cash Management.iQ.

The use of specialized solutions for cash circulation optimization allows to achieve a significant economic effect. Depending on the internal processes of the institution, the savings on raising cash and organizing cash circulation averages 10-30%. For a specific infrastructure, the economic effect can be calculated using a special calculator on the website.

The site also answers basic questions about the Cash Management.iQ software platform, developed by BS/2 specialists to optimize the processes of cash circulation in ATMs, cash vaults, points of sales and other facilities. In particular, the platform solves the following tasks of the terminal network owner:

  • optimization of expenses for raising cash;
  • optimization of work processes for raising cash;
  • ensuring the availability of cash in ATMs;
  • reducing the number of CIT visits.

The Cash Management.iQ platform consists of four software modules, each of which is responsible for certain processes of cash circulation. Modules can work both autonomously and as part of a complete solution.

"Last year we launched a website dedicated to the problems of video surveillance over the work of self-service devices - A strong expert community has gathered on the basis of this resource, we regularly receive requests from all over the world. Banking professionals can find up-to-date information on real problems and how to solve them here. We are confident that the new resource will become the place for discussing the current market challenges associated with the circulation of cash," says Kirill Ovsyannikov, the head of the marketing department at BS/2.

Leading specialists of the BS/2 Competence Center who work with the largest banks in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus region and have real experience in implementing the Cash Management.iQ solution into the infrastructure of various institutions took part in the work on the site materials.