Hardware and software developed for gas-stations includes automated safety-deposit boxes and multipurpose commercial equipment: from electronic price lists to reverse vending machines and information terminals. This is durable modular equipment, which can be extended with additional features according to the customer’s needs. Moreover, these devices are highly compact. A large part of equipment is designed for self-service, which enables the optimization of maintenance costs of a gas-station.

These are automated safety-deposit boxes of the CS line designed for independent cash collection operations, and multi-safe deposit boxes designed to store documents, cash and goods. Safety-deposit boxes are designed for premises with heavy customer traffic and feature a function of operation in a closed cash cycle mode.

This includes “Diebold Nixdorf” cash registers and “Beetle” POS systems, peripherals (printers, scanners, electronic price lists and cash repositories), cash deposit systems, self-service cash registers and payment systems (“PayTower”), reverse vending machines (“Revendo”), etc.

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