Service stations

BS/2 hardware and software designed for gas-station networks ensures maintenance of the solutions and customer service, processing of cash, non-cash transactions and loyalty operations. Some of the innovative solutions are designed to ensure security of gas-stations, their data and internal operations.

Hardware-related services include sales and rent of automated safe-deposit boxes, multi-purpose commercial equipment, self-service systems, peripherals and other types of equipment.

The company offers software solutions for electronic cash registers, management of internal workflow of gas-stations and accounting. Some of the marketing products, including multimedia solutions for advertising, are designed to increase the appeal of gas-stations.


Hardware and software developed for gas-stations includes automated safety-deposit boxes and multipurpose commercial equipment: from electronic price lists to reverse vending machines and information terminals.


Software solutions designed for gas-stations include solutions for the management of electronic cash registers compatible with devices of a wide range of manufacturers, and gas-station resource and accounting management as well as various customer service systems, including marketing solutions for customer acquisition.