Services of BS/2 provided to the retail trade sector can be divided into several broad categories. The first one includes maintenance services. The second one focuses on the monitoring of the existing retail chain or automated management of unit workflow and IT infrastructure applications. Outsourcing is yet another category. These categories include all services provided by the company, including novelties and rent of hardware and software. A separate category of services provided by the company includes training and consulting of specialists on the effective IT management and profit improvement by means of a wide range of IT solutions.

The last economic recession forced businesses to optimize their operations, non-traditional ways to cut expenses, and introduce the products and services to the market more efficiently. Both global corporations and smaller companies turned back to outsourcing solutions and the new ways of paying for their equipment.

Most of our software products we are also offering as a service, providing software hosting, administration, service and maintenance.

Our highly skilled software development team using time tested development technologies deliver all the projects in time and according to the budget. All the activities in business analysis, design, development and testing are conducted through the flexible and module based approach which ensures minimum client risk and maximum compliance with clients' requirements.

During the last 20 years BS/2’s specialists have gained a great deal of experience in the field of banking technologies since. Therefore, they are very familiar with the processes which take place in financial institutions.

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