BS/2 solutions designed for retail trade include hardware, software and wide range of services.

Hardware allows retail businesses to independently collect cash, manage transactions, queues and process cash. Hardware tools offered by the company include a broad range of commercial equipment and multifunctional printers.

Software is designed to help make decisions, carry out financial accounting, manage sales processes and customer loyalty data. Our software solutions comprise a complex of software protection and data management tools. They allow generating reports and analyze business data in a wide range of aspects.

Services designed for retail trade include full complex of solutions: from consulting to the maintenance of installed solutions and software. These services include hardware maintenance, software maintenance, IT infrastructure monitoring, outsourcing, rent of hardware and software, development of software solutions, consulting and training.

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Hardware of BS/2 offered to the retail sector is in line with technological advances in the trade sector and helps improve the quality of customer service


The set of software solutions of BS/2 designed for the retail trade includes products related to business analytics that are designed so that they can be used with a wide range of mobile devices and meet the needs of the administration, middle management and the managers.


Services of BS/2 provided to the retail trade sector can be divided into several broad categories. The first one includes maintenance services. The second one focuses on the monitoring of the existing retail chain or automated management of unit workflow and IT infrastructure applications.