Postal market

Solutions of the company BS/2 designed for post offices meet the needs of the postal network and ensure performance optimization as well as data and equipment security.

Hardware designed for post offices includes automated safe-deposit boxes and ATMs that meet the needs of the limited sector.

Supplied software solves issues faced by postal organizations related to business analytics, maintenance and cash flow management and optimization, data collection and report generation, management of payment and loyalty scenarios. Moreover, companies are provided with an intelligent platform for mobile solutions, data and equipment protection systems.


BS/2 offers automated safety-deposit boxes and ATMs for post offices. These devices are ideal for spacious premises, while safety-deposit boxes or so-called electronic cashiers can be installed both at and on the customer service desk.


Software developed by BS/2 for post offices is designed to analyze business processes, control cash flows and manage the staff as well as perform and optimize transactions, ensure security of the organization and its assets and manage the hardware.