Spare parts

BS/2 offers genuine spare parts and hardware maintenance services. The company also provides training, spare part replacement, repair, storage and disposal services.


In today's highly competitive environment, companies can benefit from a range of products and services that increase productivity, reduce waste, improve product quality or add new capabilities without the need for a major investment. BS/2 goal is to assist you to increase your operational efficiencies, reduce downtime, and improve client performance by providing spare parts, emergency support, organize repair and provide logistics solutions for all banking and retail equipment.  
Hardware maintenance are one of our priority business areas - a very wide range of high-quality original parts for technical equipment. Focusing on the latest trends in the market we offer a unique opportunity for our clients to source the latest technical equipment and their spare parts to ensure a reliable after-sales service. BS/2 offers a wide selection of exceptionally high quality hardware spare parts for ATMs, safes, information terminals, POS terminals, automatic cash registers, etc.

Services offered

Today’s banking environment requires a good mix of both maintenance specialist and quality equpment. If you need someone on your side who can offer quick spare parts services and understands banking or retail technology - BS/2 is the best solution for you.

Here is the list of services that we provide:

Spare parts replacement

Our competent spare parts team will consult you and provide for you the original spare parts quickly and on schedule. We also provide customized supply solutions; you can consult with us about specific spare parts policies or for spare part packages after installation of new equipment

Organize parts repair

As products and systems age a cost effective replacement parts strategy becomes crucial. To help you to minimize the costs and lengthen the lifecycle of parts we can arrange parts repair services. Some of the repair services can be offered as an alternative when the required new part is not available.

Emergency spare parts service / temporary parts replacement

In urgent situations for our clients we have: critical parts inventory, dedicated personnel, and fast delivery processes to ensure emergency spare parts handling. Our specialist will place top priority on your order and deliver the order as soon as possible.

Spare parts utilization and storage

In order to facilitate all your management processes we can also arrange specific parts depots and utilization solutions designed especially to minimize your capital investment and maximize satisfaction.


Quality spare parts are very important for the proper functioning of all banking and retail equipment in order to ensure clients satisfaction. We offer only the best quality spare parts that enable us to deliver a wide range of parts at competitive prices. Highly qualified BS/2 specialists not only offer a wide selection of original spare parts but also promptly inform their partners about update, offer spare part repair services at the local repair centre, or, with the help of the German company Diebold Nixdorf, provide consultations whenever there are any uncertainties about the failure of certain hardware; they also help choose the required spare parts. All spare parts come with a warranty.

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