iCASH 15


The iCASH 15 is a coin recycling system for the checkout zone. It is integrated into a POS terminal and enables the user to deposit or receive coins in a way that ensures complete audit compliance. The system can be configured to allow in- and outpayments either by the cashier or directly by the customer. The closed cash cycle at the POS terminal ensures no errors or manipulation when handling cash. If the system is used together with a banknote recycling system, cash handling at the point of sale can be completely automated.


Intuitive user guidance due to a product design expressly tailored for self-service
Small footprint
Coin recycling
Serviceability: all components can be maintained from the front of the system
Support of various country-specific requirements
Lower risk of tampering and theft thanks to a closed system


System components:

  • Coin recycling component
  • Numerous security features


  • Supports diverse operating systems
  • Standard interface to POS applications
  • Ergonomic graphical user interface


  • Product Support (optional)
  • Managed POS (optional)
  • Managed Cash Retail (optional)

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