iCASH 100


The iCASH 100 is a banknote recycling system for the cash office. The iCASH 100 enables cashiers to deposit cash takings and stock up on change in a way that ensures audit compliance. The closed cash cycle in the cash office ensures no errors or manipulation when handling cash. If the system is used together with a coin recycling system, cash handling at the cash office can be completely automated. The iCASH 100 is from a technical point of view identical with the iCASH 50, but comes with a higher capacity and an escrow function.


Intuitive user guidance due to a product design expressly tailored for self-service
Small footprint
Note recycling, secured by safe
Serviceability: all components can be maintained from the front of the system
Support of various country-specific requirements
Lower risk of tampering and theft thanks to a closed system
Focus on security: e.g. safe, inking, escrow


System components:

  • Banknote recycling component
  • Numerous security features


  • Supports diverse operating systems
  • Standard interface to POS applications
  • Ergonomic graphical user interface


  • Product Support (optional)
  • Managed POS (optional)
  • Managed Cash Retail (optional)

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