Xion / Mtop


Xion /Mtop is the latest generation lottery terminal from Diebold Nixdorf that addresses both current and future market requirements.

In its basic configuration, the Xion /Mtopcomprises computer unit, document scanner, operator display and thermal printer. Other components and modules, such as the customer display, winnings query terminal, branding module, barcode and card reader can either be integrated directly or connected to the terminal.

Reliable, fast and efficient processing of wagers and optimum ease of service were the primary considerations when developing all components of this modular high-end terminal.


New components

With its new components, the powerful Beetle /MII system unit and the high-speed Xiprint+ thermal printer with graphics capability, the Xion /Mtop guarantees even faster and more reliable processing of games and bets.


Convenient touchscreen technology can be used both for the customer display and for the operator display with the Xion /Mtop terminal.

High-speed document scanner

Xion /Mtop still relies on its proven, reliable high-performance scanner with the option of integrating a 1D or 2D barcode reader and a branding module for invalidating canceled tickets for example.

Intelligent platform concept

IPC, the "Intelligent Platform Concept", is the basis for the greatest possible strategic flexibility: The terminal software Xicore, which runs under Linux, and the components from the Beetle product family create a common software and hardware platform for all lottery terminals from Diebold Nixdorf.

Vendor-independent PC architecture

The open PC architecture means that Xion /Mtop can be extended and configured very flexibly to meet specific customer needs. The entire product and solution portfolio of Diebold Nixdorf is available for this purpose.



The Xion /Mtop consists of the following main components: system unit, scanner and touchscreen. These components form a compact unit. The printer and customer display are separate components and can therefore be placed anywhere.

System unit

The Xion /Mtop is equipped with the powerful Beetle /MII computer unit from Diebold Nixdorf's Retail Division. Use of the newest processor generation always ensures optimal processing times.

  • Open PC architecture for individual configuration
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Extensive range of peripherals


A 12.1" color touchscreen is used as standard with the Xion /Mtop. A 15" monitor is optionally available. High-quality TFT technology with a large viewing angle and digital image transmission ensure the very best contrast and brightness, even in poor lighting conditions.


The high-performance scanner has been designed specially for quick and secure processing of all types of lottery playslips.

  • Minimum soiling thanks to unique contactless reading
  • Playslips can be inserted in any direction
  • A barcode reader and branding module can be integrated


The new Xiprint+ thermal printer speeds up game processing.

  • Xiprint+ is the fastest thermal printer on the lottery market today. The printer with graphics capability can reproduce logos and images in unprecedented quality.
  • The Xiprint+ offers two-color printing if special paper is used.
  • Numerous sensors and security features ensure secure and high-quality printing of tickets.

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