Postal organizations

Solutions of the company BS/2 designed for post offices meet the needs of the postal network and ensure performance optimization as well as data and equipment security. Hardware designed for post offices includes automated safe-deposit boxes and ATMs that meet the needs of the limited sector.

These are automated safety-deposit boxes of the CS line designed for independent cash collection operations, and multi-safe deposit boxes designed to store documents, cash and goods. Safety-deposit boxes are designed for premises with heavy customer traffic and feature a function of operation in a closed cash cycle mode.

This includes “Diebold Nixdorf” cash registers and “Beetle” POS systems, peripherals (printers, scanners, electronic price lists and cash repositories), cash deposit systems, self-service cash registers and payment systems (“PayTower”), reverse vending machines (“Revendo”), etc.

These are professional currency scanners and detectors, banknote sorting and packing machines “Cassido” and “DoCash”.

BS/2 offers genuine spare parts and hardware maintenance services. The company also provides training, spare part replacement, repair, storage and disposal services.

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