The CINEO C6020 is a banknote recycling system for the cash office. The CINEO C6020 enables cashiers to deposit cash takings and stock up on change in a way that ensures audit compliance. The CINEO C6020 allows banknotes to be deposited or withdrawn manually, but it can also be used in combination with the point of sale module CINEO C6010 for automated deposits and withdrawals via the mobile drum module. This enables the closed cash cycle (E2E) within a store. If the system is used together with a coin recycling system, cash handling at the cash office can be completely automated.


  • Intuitive user guidance due to a product design expressly tailored for self-service
  • Combination of well-established “best-in-class” components from Diebold Nixdorf POS and Banking units
  • Small footprint
  • Note recycling on basic of newest Cash Cycle ManagementTM technology
  • Serviceability: all components can be maintained from the front of the system
  • Support of various country-specific requirements
  • Lower risk of tampering and theft thanks to a closed cash cycle within a store
  • Focus on security: e.g. safe, inking
  • Multi currency
  • Front and rear load


System components

  • E2E banknote recycling component
  • Numerous security features


  • Supports diverse operating systems
  • Standard interface to POS applications
  • Ergonomic graphical user interface


  • Services Included
  • Managed POS (optional)
  • Managed Cash Retail (optional)

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